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Products Of Himalya Rock Salt



Himalayan Pink Natural Crystal Salt Lamps

Himalayan Geometrical & Spceial Design Salt Lamps

Himalayan Animal Design Salt Lamps

Himalayan Geometrical Design Salt Lamps

Himalayan Mini USB Salt Lamps

Himalayan Guormet Pink Salt Fine Grain For Cooking

Himalayan Guormet Pink Coarse Salt 2-5mm Suitable For Grinders

Himalayan Edible Salt 1 KG Printed Pack

Himalayan Gourmet Crystal White Fine Salt For Cooking

Himalayan Gourmet Crystal White Coarse Salt 2-5 mm Suitable For Grinders

Himalayan Gurmet Black Salt

Himalayan Cooking Plates & Slabs

Himalayan Tequlia Shot Glasses

Himalayan Mortor & Pestle

Himalayan Salad Bowls

Himalayan Feet Doxers

Himalayan Salt Foot Detox Plates and Blocks

Biodegradable Himalayan Salt Urns for Funerals

Himalayan Pink Bath Salt For Scrub

Wrought Iron Basket with Himalayan Salt Chunks

Himalayan Salt Massaging Roller for Hands

HImalayan Salt Massaging Balls

Himalayan Salt Pipe Inahler With Salt Chunks

Himalayan Rock Salt Pillows for Relaxation

Himalayan Salt Bricks & Block for Construction of Salt Caves & Spa

Himalayan Salt One Side Natural Bricks & Block for Construction of Salt Caves & Spa

Himalayan Salt Serving Plates & Dishes

Himalayan Cooking Plates & Slabs

Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates & Slabs With Wooden Pans

Himalayan Animal Licking Salt Lumps / Rocks / Stones

Himalayan Rock Salt For Oil Refinery and Merox Unit