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Products Of Himalya Rock Salt

Round 11 x 11 x 2


Himalayan Salt Round Cooking Plates

These Himalayan Round salt tiles are especially Perfect for serving hot meats & vegetables & even chilled foods such as Sushi & desserts, a Himalayan gourmet salt crystal plate adds a gourmet touch to your food.
Salt blocks are perfect for cooking fish or individual dishes for guests! Each person can be served their food on their own salt block.
This Pink Himalayan Salt Slab is used by chefs for grilling fish, seafood and other foods. Simply place the salt slab on your heating surface (including a grill), allow the salt slab to get hot, then grill your food items right on the salt slab.
Himalayan Salt is the hottest new item in gourmet cooking. This large brick of solid pink salt can use in an infinite number of ways. The slab can chill in the fridge or freezer, used at room temperature and heated in the oven.
Himalayan Salt plates and Tiles can carefully heated, moreover, used to sear food such as vegetables, Fish shrimp, alternatively, thin slices of steak the food is cooked and seasoned simultaneously, these can also use as a serving Tray for sushi, vegetables, or other foods.
Style: Round.
Size :11″ x 11″ x 2″.
Weight: 4.5 KG .
Packing:Each Tile Packed in Plastic Bag and then in Carton