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Products Of Himalya Rock Salt



Himalayan Salt Rectangular Cooking Plates

Pure Himalayan Pink Salt is the hottest item in gourmet cooking today. The world’s top chefs are discovering the unadulterated taste and wholesome goodness of this natural seasoning. This pristine salt is the purest available in the world and contains all of the trace minerals and elements that can be found in the human body.
Hundreds of millions of years ago the primordial oceans were evaporated by the sun leaving behind the untainted salt. The tremendous heat and pressure that occurred during the creation of the Himalayan Mountain Range refined the structure of the salt into pure crystals which were trapped and protected, deep beneath the earth. Today, mining in the Himalayan region is strictly regulated and performed by hand to preserve this purity.
These solid, Himalayan Salt Slabs can be used in an infinite number of ways. The can be chilled in the fridge or freezer, used at room temperature and heated in the oven up to 900°F. Due to its nature and dense properties, salt will retain its temperature for a long time.
At any temperature Himalayan Salt is the ideal platter for the presentation and seasoning of just about any item! Many of the world’s professional chefs and most exclusive restaurants are now using Himalayan Salt slabs as plates to serve just about any dish including Kobe beef, poultry, seafood, sliced fruit and vegetables and unsalted butter…the list is endless!
Heat your oven to 450°F and heat your Himalayan Salt Brick. Use it straight out of the oven to sear light items such as fish and thinly sliced carpaccio of beef. The heated rock salt will sear, cook and delicately season your items at the same time. At room temperature it is perfect for serving sushi and sashami. In addition to a unique and beautiful presentation of your meal, the raw fish will begin to cure as soon as it is placed on the salt. When cooled in the refrigerator it is the perfect serving platter for fruits and today’s gourmet desserts which require a hint of salt.
Style: Rectangular.
Size :12″ x 8″ x 1.25″.
Weight: 5 KG .
Packing:Each Tile Packed in Plastic Bag and then in Carton Boxes.