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Products Of Himalya Rock Salt



Himalayan Salt Crystal White 3 – 10- Cm

Himalayan Crystal White Salt Rocks can be used for grating onto food, for crushing up in a mortar and pestle, or for decoration around the house. We like to use Himalayan Crystal White rocks in food presentation, setting a small salt rock on a plate next to the proverbial parsley garnish, where it will interact with any moisture on the plate, giving off a delicate saltiness. Larger rocks can be arranged on serving platters or simply piled up next to a flower arrangement on the dinner table.
Beautiful translucent Crystal White salt from the Himalaya. In the rarified air of Pakistan’s Himalaya Mountain Range, we find a quarry where men and mules pull massive boulders of luminescent White ore from the earth, glowing like freshly harvested meteorites. Freighted back to the U.S., this 500 million year old boulders of Himalayan salt are sliced into salt cubes and platters and planks and chunks for use on your table.
These natural rocks vary in shape, texture and Crystal White Color.
Excellent for grating.
One Himalayan Crystal White rock size between 3 – 10 cm.
Rich in minerals, deep in beauty.
Item: Himalayan Crystal White Salt 3 – 10 cm.
Color: Crystal White.
Size: 3 – 10 cm
Use: For Grating.
Packing Available:1KG Plain Bag , 5KG Carton Box, 10 KG Carton Box , 25 KG PP Bag & 50 KG PP Bag..
Printed 1 KG Ready Pack is available with Bar code at international Standard..
OEM Packing is also available upon customer request.