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Products Of Himalya Rock Salt

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Himalayan Black Salt Lumps

Black Salt is usually known as Kala Namak..
Black Salt Lumps comes from indigenous volcanic mineral obtained from volcanic mines from Pakistan..
In its pure rock form, Black Salt appears a dark, brownish pink color due to its high level of sodium chloride along with several other herbs.
Black salt is considered to be cooling in nature. It is used as a laxative and digestive aid. It is a cure for flatulence, relieves intestinal gas and heartburn..
One of the distinct characteristics of Black Salt is the sulfuric smell it emits similar to hard-boiled eggs, because of its sulfur content..
Black Salt has been used for centuries in cuisine as a cooking and finishing salt, or as a condiment added to chaats, chutneys, fruits, raitas and many other snacks.
In some vegan circles, Black Salt is used to add an eggy taste to certain tofu dishes or for making vegan egg salad.
Not only does Black Salt bring something extraordinary to cuisine, it also works great with chicken, pork and beef dishes; and combines well with other spices like cumin, ginger, coriander and chili powder. A minute amount of Black Salt can add contrast to sweets, especially for making salty caramel sauces. I think it works brilliantly by adding it to fruit drinks. Think limeade or lemonade? Perhaps, the next time you have a hankering for popcorn try sprinkling a little Black Salt on top – you’ll probably never go back to just simple salt and buttered popcorn again.
Apart from the human use, black salt is also use in commercial use and also it is best bio energetic supplement for horse.
It is also used for making organic toothpastes by combining it with other mineral and plant ingredients..
Black rock salt is an effective remedy for improved digestion for your horse.
Black rock salt has provided encouraging results in assisting prevention of colic because horses are known to drink more water with regular use, the unrefined mineral salt acts as dung softener and is a cure for flatulence.
Natural herbal extracts are added to salt when it is heated to a melting point and the compound is stored in an earthen pot oven for 40 days before the rock is created.
Item: Black Salt Lumps.
Category: Black Salt.
Packing : 1 KG Plastic Sealed Bag, 10 KG Carton Box and 25 KG PP Bag.